Window Well Covers – An Easy Home Project

Window Well Covers – An Easy Home Project

In 2018, I moved to a home listed “as is estate sale.” Our project list is never ending! From major repair to cosmetic updates, we have covered a lot of ground. One eyesore has been our window well covers.

Basement window wells often need a cover to prevent debris and animals from falling into them. Our covers were cracked and held down by bricks. It definitely needed attention but kept getting pushed down the list as low priority. We have had some extra time at home during this COVID-19 pandemic. It is so nice to spend time outside and we decided to tackle the covers.

While a minor project, I had never replaced basement window covers before so there was a slight learning curve. You can hire a company to do custom covers. This post is more for the DIY folks. I will walk you through our process:

Remove old covers and clean out old debris, spider webs and assess any damage. Measure the opening of the window well at its widest point, typically at the house. Measure the depth at furthest point from house. Head to your local home store. Pro tip – be sure to count the number of window well covers you need. Look behind any bushes for windows that may be missed. Don’t rely on memory when you are standing in the store.

We found a nice selection of clear, tinted and materials. I would recommend a heavy material for durability. We selected a clear material to allow light into the basement. My laundry room is down there and I appreciate the sunlight allowed in now.

Time to place your covers. Most covers now come with clips to secure the material, but you can also purchase these separately or as replacements. Place the covers over the window as desired. Place painters’ tape where you want the clips. Mark the tape for your drill. Go ahead and drill your hole through the tape markings to match the size of the clip screw. Remove tape and attach the clips. Place on the window well and push down to attach. Done!

Many of us are tackling home projects during this extended time at home. Be sure to check out the 1st Alarm Lawn & Home Management blog for tips and ideas.

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